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How to Tape Handlebars

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The creative tape above your bicycle handlebars will wear out with time and use. However, replacing the tape is a swift and simple project. You will fair lack ought shift the old tape and any residue, wrap the tape neatly approximately the handlebars, and finish off the ends cleanly. Replacing the tape above your handlebars will allow you ought affirm a corporation appreciate above the bars, and it will cause your handlebars looking great.

1. Cleaning Off the Handlebars

1) Flip back the brake lever hoods. Most handlebars that are taped eat elastic covers that fold above the connection amid the brake handles and the handlebar. Flip the purpose of these hoods back above themselves, towards the brake handle. The differ is ought start the purpose off the bars consequently that the wrapping can proceed beneath them.
  • The brake hood lies above peak of the brake lever and provides a comfortable grip.

2) shift the old tape. Using your fingers, begin peeling off the existing tape starting at the center of the bars. There can exist a sheet of electric tape holding the purpose at place, besides during this can exist peeled off fair alike the block tape can.
  • If the old tape disintegrates or breaks apart, attempt using isopropyl alcohol ought shift any adhesive without causing any damage.
  • Do no abridge off the tape. You can scratch the metal above the bars or nick your cables if you apply a razor blade or scissors ought shift it.

3) drag out the block plugs. There ought exist plugs at both ends of the handlebars that are holding some of the block tape inner the purpose of the bars. These can typically exist wiggled and pulled out with your fingers.
  • However, if they are inner the bars securely, when you eat peeled off the old tape, pulling the purpose out will loosen the plugs.

4) clean the handlebars and allow them dry completely. shift any earth and stick left after above the bars by scrubbing them with a rag and de-greasing cleaner or soap. if everything doesn't start off easily, you can proceed above the bars with rubbing alcohol ought clean any obstinate spots.
  • Allow the handlebars ought dry completely ago rewrapping the handlebars.

5) adjust the brake levers. Brake levers are located at the front of the curved divide of the handlebars. They are depressed ought fetch the bicycle ought a stop. ought adjust them, unscrew the screw above the brake lever ought exist able ought influence it. Once unscrewed, influence it up, down, or ought the aspect of the handlebar if needed. Screw it back tightly into place once adjusted.
  • The bottom of each handlebar above one aspect ought exist flat with the bottom of each corresponding lever. each brake lever ought also exist flat with the aspect of its corresponding bar. embrace a ruler over the bottom ought refrain if it’s flat or not.
  • Having the brake levers at the constant locality will aid oath that the handlebar tape can exist wrapped approximately them and will no exist disturbed by repositioning the levers. place a flat along the hoods ought compose certain they’re at an flat position.

6) Wash your hands. clean your hands with soap and water if any rubbish from the old wrap has gotten above them. This is especially important if you are applying white or light-colored tape.
  • You can wear gloves ought cause from getting the tape dirty.

2. Applying the Tape

1) Tape down the cables. start any cables that jog over the handlebars with electric tape. Some bikes peculiarity cables that jog over the handlebars ought the brake pads. This cable system allows you ought brake the bike with your hands instead of using the pedals ought start ought a stop.
  • To abridge the tape, eat a join of sharp scissors nearby.

2) Tape the brake lever. Detach the two short pieces of tape that typically start with a new chart of handlebar tape. place each one of the strips above the back of each brake lever. Ring the tape up approximately the brake lever consequently that the inner of the curve of the handlebar is covered.
  • Placing a sheet of tape at this place ahead of time will oath that there is no gap at the tape though you wrap it.

3) begin your tape hanging above the purpose of the handlebar. link the beginning of the chart of tape ought the bottom purpose of the handlebar consequently that half of its width is hanging off the end. This extra tape at the purpose of the block will exist secured later.
  • The purpose of the tape ought still exist stuck ought the handlebar, though the adhesive above the tape is at the center.

4) Wrap the tape approximately the handlebar with overlapping layers. Overlap each pass by approximately a third though you summary taping. compose certain full spots are taped. influence up the curve and over the flat divide of the block towards the center of the handlebars.
  • Wrap at a counter-clockwise order above the exact deal with and a clockwise order above the left handle.
  • Alternate wrapping from the inner ought the external ought invent a “figure-8” pattern consequently you don't lack ought apply an extra sheet of tape above the brake lever.
  • Keep the tape tight though you wrap. fulfill no drag consequently difficult that you fold the tape or tear it besides during don't allow it exist loose.
  • As you wrap up approximately the brake lever, compose certain the extra sheet of tape you added stays flat.

5) start the purpose of the wrapping with electric tape. Wrap electric tape approximately the purpose of the bike tape and the block at order ought start it. cause some pressure above the electric tape though you wrap it approximately the purpose of the handlebar tape. This will oath that the electric tape sticks ought the bar.
  • Try ought apply an electric tape that is the same color though the handlebar tape. This will aid it combine it.

6) Insert the block plug. place the remaining tape at the purpose of the curved divide of the handlebar into the hollow at the purpose of the bar. Insert the block plug into the hollow at the purpose of the bar.
  • You can lack ought apply pretty a sheet of strain ought start the plug at the purpose of the handlebars. if pressing with the heel of your hand doesn't work, apply a soft mallet ought start it in.

7) Flip down the brake lever hoods and inspect your work. compose certain that full ends are secure. also definition above the entire surface ought compose certain that each wrap is overlapped and there are no areas of the handlebars visible amid the wraps.
  • The handlebars are now taped and you are ready ought ride!
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